AMS: Moving Projects Forward

This is part of the Autumnal Maker School series, a collection of posts challenging readers to make ten things.  I’ve already made my ten things, but I’m keeping on, keeping on.  

In the dark time of the year, it’s sometimes hard to get a move on. How does one move projects forward toward completion?

Book boards: Coptic stitch covers
Book cover #1 for a journal

Some of it involves genuine trickery. Sometimes I have to put out the tools and materials in front of the chair where I sit when I come home from work. That’s what I did today; I knew I wasn’t going to be eager to work.

Sometimes the approach of your flavor of winter holiday matters.  I have to have a present that costs under $10 by next Wednesday.  So I chose to get a move-on on this project.  I made a book block for a journal this afternoon while waiting for a meeting to start (I’d already printed the pages with a handsome set of lines; you can download a Journal Page  of the design here if you like; and read Esther K. Smith’s book on making books to get an idea how to do it, and what tools you need).

Three mini albums
Three books for dabbling magi…

But, I also intended to make magical presents for a few people on my list. Accordingly I made the book bodies (and completed one) of a series of seven volumes about seven particular powers. Regular readers may recognize one of these volumes, at right.  With three done (and another one or two completed this week — they’re pretty easy), I think I can finish all seven by my midwinter holidays.  Give them away by then? That remains to be seen.

In the meantime, the work continues.


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