Tai Chi Y4D265: 100 days left

There’s 31 days in December and January (that’s 62) but nine have elapsed, so that’s 53. Then there are 28 days in February but it’s a leap year in 2016, so 29 (that’s 82 days overall), and 31 in March — which means that on … March 19? Is that right? I’ll have completed year four of tai chi.

First draft: poetry projectI’ve not made much progress toward my year-four goals.  If anything, I’ve made great progress toward not having any goals at all.  Today I did my druidic work, and meditated for about 20 minutes, and did one iteration of the tai chi form.  It’s probably enough.

Yesterday, after work and after finishing the Book of Mars, I got out some more intense bookbinding tools, and finished binding a book-block I’ve had kicking around for a bit.   It’s the Book of Splendor —  all of the poetry I’ve written about the sun, and moon, and planets, and stars, and seasons, and spirits, all inside one cover.  It’s 168 pages, and this is the proof-copy that the work was done. First draft: poetry project

Most of that poetry you can read on this website. Click the link above that says Poetic Catalog, and hold.  You can see a number of different pages: Sun and Moon Sonnets and the Neo-Orphic Hymns, and the Tai Chi Poem, and the Acts of Arthur, and other writings. 

Talking with my lady the other day, we noted how a good deal of magical work involves follow-through… over and over and over again.  You never really get to do the work, once and for all, for all time.  It’s the case that you do the work once, and then you do it again, and then you do it again differently, and then you do things differently again.  And poetry is like magic in that regard, too.  The work, if it is the Work, has its own rewards.

Off to Work I go.



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