Tai Chi Y4D250: Four Again

I haven’t done druidry yet. I’m gearing up for a major working, and I have time to do it this morning, so I plan on doing that.  The nature of the work is such, and the depth of my time commitment to other things, that if I don’t take my opportunities now, when they come along, I miss my chance.

That said, I did 25 push-ups this morning, really slowly and carefully.  And then 25 squats, not really as slowly and carefully.  And then both qi gong forms that I know — Five Golden Coins,  and Eight Pieces of Silk.  And then, four forms, facing in each of the four cardinal directions.  As I’ve been doing for the past few days.

The results are pleasing to me.  I’m getting a shudder of excitement from facing the ‘wrong’ direction on a number of moves, from Snake Creeps Down to Buddha’s Palm to Fair Lady Works ShuttlesIt’s throwing me off. I’m losing my balance out of startlment that I’m facing the wrong direction. And I don’t just mean that I’m losing my mental balance — I mean that I’m losing my balance physically.  I’m all over the place. This is thrilling.

I’ve had nearly four years of increasing stability, flexibility and balance.  And it was getting boring. Between teaching a class on tai chi, and starting this four-fold practice, I’ve found a way to reinvigorate my practice, simply by facing the wrong direction from time to time. Elegant.

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