Tai chi Y4D208: bad internet

Internet continues to be bad.  So does my tai chi practice. But I got it done today: 25 push-ups, 25 squats, tai chi form twice, some Qi gong.  It’s enough. 

I’ve been coy of late about where I am and what I’m doing. Currently I’m on the “just the boys” annual trip with my dad. We’re in Chicago at the moment, having a great time. Yesterday, we went to see the Tempest by Shakespeare, as directed by Teller from Penn and Teller at the Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier.  It was… Amazing. Ariel was a card magician as well as an actor, and all of tricks has the effect of working a kind of magic on the audience as well as all the actors/characters. Well worth seeing… At one point, though, Ariel sped a card to Prospero, who held it up to the audience to see. And it was the card associated with this ten-day period we’re in, in the Decans of the Zodiac (it’s telling about what WordPress and autocorrect are used for these days, that “zodiac” wants to correct itself to “Zombie Dirac”). I’m currently working with this image a lot, trying to write a poem about it. It’s difficult but also coming together nicely. A good sync here. 

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