Tai ChiY4D207: pretty bad

The Internet service is not as bad as I was led to believe. It’s actually worse.  There are at least 300 marathon runners in this building alone, and the hotel owners have made the Internet a paid amenity— when it works. Hence today’s short entry.  I’m also here with dad. He has the larger room. I … Don’t. So doing tai chi in this confined space is difficult. 

So I only did one tai chi form. The bare minimum, and not well. I should do more. I don’t want to. I had two glasses of wine yesterday, and a LOT of sitting: in an airplane, on a boat, in a theater. This of course means I should do more tai chi, not less. 

And I will. I’ll do another round now. There’s probably room for push-ups and squats. I’ll do those too. And maybe a qi gong form.  But I still don’t want to. 

Update: so, I did 25 squats and 25 push-ups. And another tai chi form and a qi gong form, eight pieces of silk. I still don’t want to. 

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