Tai Chi Y4D199: Under Hurricane Skies

There are a bunch of people at Crucible this weekend down in New Jersey. They’re at greater risk of hurricane damage than I am, but they’re on my mind.  Hope they weather the storm rolling in, reasonably well. Hurricane Joaquin looks like it might be series.  Also, CB&L, and VG, may you be safe and well, as well.

For here, the hurricane has manifested as a series of smaller rainstorms, which have soaked the ground but not turned it to mud.  As I came back in from doing tai chi outside, I left absolutely perfect cartoon footprints on the decking of the porch: a weird curved rhombus shape and five perfect ovals of declining volume.

The practice itself was short. It’s cold out, and wet. The maple tree shook water onto me with droplets that, a month ago, would have felt delightful and refreshing.  Now they just feel uncomfortable and cold.  This may be the last time I can do tai chi outside in quite a while.  We’ll see.

The tai chi practice today was pretty simple: two iterations of the form, and five golden coins.  It’s difficult to do push-ups and other work here; the house is just not well set up for it, like home.  But I manage.

I’m launching a new project, called the Autumnal Maker School.  The goal is to make 10 useful or functional things in the next three months.  Good luck!

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