Tai Chi Y4D146: at unexpected hours

I’m staying with my dad tonight. My mother has gone off to visit her sister, and my dad has been doing s best to keep me entertained. This involved waking me early this morning to go for a kayak and a swim in the river, and then breakfast out on the patio afterward, followed by a tour through great-granddad’s and great-grandma’s tool collection for the design lab (I now have a complete set of leatherworking tools for myself or for the school, that are over a hundred years old. This should be interesting). I broke away long enough to have lunch with a friend, but it was three in the afternoon before I got to complet  my tai chi to my satisfaction. 

Part of it was that it was broken up into many sub-components. I did 20 push-ups this morning, even befor mom left. Then it was doing one of the qi gong forms while dad was on the phone, and another qi gong form right after breakfast before he asked me to help with the dishes. And then two tai chi forms in the garage while he was talking to the guy who mows the lawn. And two more this afternoon. And two more just now, on getting home from lunch. 

All in all, a lengthy process. 

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