Tai Chi Y4D145: Back Spasm

I had a spasm of a muscle in my back last night. I wound up sleeping in two stages: the first part of the night on the floor, where the hard surface apparently helped my body relax into the spasm; and the second part in bed.  IT was not a restful night, I’m sorry to say. Around 1:00 am, the muscle ache eased and I was able to sleep normally.

Push-ups this morning were a challenge. Twenty of them, though I was feeling twinges at 12-3 or so that suggested stopping might be good for me.

That was followed by both qi gong forms, and then two iterations of the tai chi form.  And before I even began, I did my druidic practice as well.  I’m going to start noting it here again, I think.

I have a question for my readers, though: I’ve spent 3 years and change recording my daily practice for you.  So my question is, where do you record your daily practice, and how?  Is it in a notebook, offline? is it in knots in a rope? If you feel that the situation warrants it, you don’t have to fill out the poll — you can tell me in a comment.

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