Tai Chi Y4D134: Two tries

That was terrible.

What’s that song about “went to bed too late, got up too soon”? Is that how it goes?  Today I feel overfull and uncomfortable from dinner.  The last two days have brought pizza back into my life after a lengthy absence—3-ish years.  It was not entirely a winning experience. The toppings, delicious.  The quantity of bread, not so much.

Last night I participated in two conversations on Twitter, in the #ctedu hashtag, and in the #makered hashtag. They’re both good discussion spaces, but it’s maybe an hour of fast-paced discussion where you’re sending things to people but not getting much analytical time.  Hmmm.  Not my favorite medium.

Anyway, today’s tai chi practice.  I have an early-morning appointment today, and I woke up too soon.  I’m stiff from not having a good practice yesterday, and feeling ‘full’ in the belly because of what I ate.  It was not a good practice.  In fact, it was such a not-good practice that you’ll notice that I’m carefully avoiding saying what I did and didn’t do in it.

One tai chi form. That’s it. The bare minimum. Like a rube or a raw beginner.

I’ll try again after my morning appointment.

Update: I did another two iterations of the form, and some qi gong.  And then push-ups.  I feel better. But I also feel done, at least for the moment.  Feels kinda lame.

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