Tai Chi Y4D133: Sink Wrestling

This morning I woke up to a dripping, clogged sink.  Well. Technically, the unclogging of the sink happened last night. But this morning it’s dripping, and the pipes removed to unclog, aren’t fitted back together properly.  SO there’s going to be some work on that, sometime this morning.  But there was a fair bit of wrestling with the pipes before I decided that it was beyond me. And that happened before tai chi.

Wrestling with plumbing did not make me eager to do tai chi.  I did the qi gong forms, and then two iterations of the tai chi form. I may go back to it later today.  But the truth is, even after two iterations of the form, I felt done.  IT wasn’t that I felt like my body was resisting, or that my mind was giving up.  It felt like, “this is the energy that you’re giving to this today, and any more is not going to be beneficial.”


Ok, is this a mental trap?  Or is this my body genuinely responding to the exertions of the past few days, and setting limits? I don’t know. But for the moment, two iterations of the form appears to be enough.

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