Tai Chi Y4D130: Easily Done

Today I didn’t want to do tai chi. But once I did the first iteration of the form, it was easy to do seven more.  That first one was the break-point, where the willingness to go one simply appeared without further ado or stress.

The biggest challenge was figuring out where to do it.  If outside, the dogs start barking.  Inside, the living room presented itself as the best option only after all other options failed: bedroom, bathroom, work room, kitchen, dining room, office.  I wandered around the house where I’m a guest for ten minutes trying to figure out where to do tai chi.

The quality of my work was … poor. I think I can say that, in this case.  I tried to add in some stronger movements, in the form of the outward thrust and the inward pull. But at the moment, I feel like “do eight” is eating a lot of my attention. I did get in about 30 minutes of exercise from doing the form.  But the deeper quality of the work still eludes me.

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