Tai Chi Y4D106: Three times

Did my preliminaries—20 push-ups, two qi gong forms, and then three times through the form: focusing on breathwork, and then outward and inward movements.  It was enough.

The last couple of days have been pretty heavy.  Today felt lighter, in the sense that I didn’t do nearly as much; but it also didn’t feel like a cop-out, either.  I think that’s essential.  I’m out to run a marathon here, a super-marathon of the rest of my life.  Assuming I get another thirty years, that’s nearly 11,000 days ahead. Living to 90 would not be impossible, which is 45 more years, or around 16,500 days more.

Although this raises the question, how long have I been alive? The answer is around 16,500 days.  If I live just thirty more years, I’m past the halfway point of my life.  If I live past ninety, I’m still closing in on the halfway mark, which might be as little as ten months.  It’s a morbid thought for a Wednesday morning, but it’s also the case that the challenges and opportunities of the coming years are just as exciting as the years behind—and very likely more interesting, because of the shift in my interests and capabilities over the last few years.

I hope that tai chi will continue to be a part of that.  And that means not investing so much in any one day that I feel burned out or that I want to stop.

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