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I learned this from Sam at Digital Ambler, who is one of the most sophisticated modern writers about Geomancy that I know of. And “This” in this case, is the reconnection of the blog to its ten or twelve most popular posts in the last 30 days.

  • how to make tattwa cards, tattwa cards pdf, pics of tattwa cards — yep, all of these different searches found the same thing, my post where I provided a PDF you can print out of the design of the Tattwa cards, which are useful for elemental scrying work and other techniques.  Which is weird, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use these cards, only talk about them. 
  • pagan calendar — There’s a pagan calendar which I created and host through Google Calendar, and the links to add it to your own calendar are in this webpage. This particular calendar is strongly rooted in a Roman pagan tradition, since much of my ‘pagan poetry‘ revolves around Roman-ish spirits of various types, adapted to a modern American experience. 
  • libra 2nd decan, libra decan 2 month of july.— I made an astrological image for the second decan of Libra, which you can find here. The second decan’s traditional image is “the strong African returning from a voyage with the fruits and rewards of his labor,” which I’ve depicted as a man standing on a dock, surrounded by chests and boxes, dancing.  I did this image as a present for my father for his birthday several years ago.  Libra’s Decan 2 is not in the month of July, however.
  • the horse could talk, the horse may talk The story of Nasruddin teaching a horse to talk appeared on this blog in 2009.  The figure of Nasruddin is, depending on whom you ask, either a folk-tale character from the Middle East, or an important teaching persona in Sufi tradition, or just a character that you use when you want people to know it’s a joke when you start.  
  • first decan of virgo — 
  • magic to win lottery, how to use magic square for gambling?, use magic to win lottery, magic to win lotto, how to win lotto by spell blogYes, I did use magic to win the lottery.  And yes, I feel that I did win, although you may not agree.  I also learned that the powers that I worked with to win the lottery are either tricksters, or jerks, depending on how you look at it.
  • y4d88 — This code, Y4D88, led people to this particular post, the 88th day of year 4 of my tai chi practice.  I wonder what they were looking for? It’s not a solstice poem, nor a geomantic image, nor nothing particularly important.  Anyway, this is what they found.
  • geomancy love judge, larn geomantic – I assume these people want to be learning Geomancy, and hopefully they mean western-style geomancy rather than Chinese-style geomancy; because that’s what I know.  I imagine they’re after this post, which is adapted from one I originally posted on Tumblr, that lays out how to learn geomancy, but they might be interested to know that I’ve also taught geomancy. Both of these reference a poem I wrote, called Geomantic Quatrains or Quatrains on Geomancy.
  • historical trends in emotional intelligence — You’re probably after my notes from the lecture by Peter Salovey. I don’t know what’s useful to you there, but that’s why you got directed here.  I took these notes at a conference on learning and the brain in 2010, which I believe was held at Avon Old Farms School here in Connecticut.
  • visual aids in teaching ideas — I’ve written a great deal about this subject in my blog, because visual thinking is an important part of what and how I teach these days. But this is probably a good place to begin, or you could start here, with the idea of lenses, or with a sample of it in Latin class.
  • winter solstice poetry — Southern Hemisphere person?  I don’t know if my poetry is appropriate to the southern hemisphere, but this is what I’ve got about the Winter Solstice here and here.
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