Twenty push-ups this morning, followed by two qi gong forms, and then the tai chi form four times.  Nothing else to report.

My weight is up over the last couple of days, and I’m going to spend the next couple of days clearing the indulgences of the last few days.  The challenge, this time of year, is that there’s a LOT of work to be done at school, and that means that exercise after school tends to get short shrift.  All the same, I need a few walks through the neighborhood and more water and a bit more healthy aversion to bad food.

Along those lines…. I found myself sitting next to a guy I know last afternoon.  He started talking about some of the challenges he was facing with his health, and he was talking about food in relationship to health.  As I listened to him talking, about fat and protein and carbs in his diet, what his doctor wants, what his family wants, what he wants, I realized… my god. We’re in our forties (maybe our fifties, in his case), and neither of us has any idea how or what to eat for good health. Leafy greens and fruits and vegetables, some bird in the form of chicken, eggs… but red meat no, bread no, potatoes no… except?

I felt no difficulty about putting together a healthy dinner last night, later in the evening; but I was mightily weirded out by the experience of sitting next to someone who has diabetes and isn’t afraid to tell you… and also has no idea what he should eat.