Tai Chi Y4D59: Sweat

I actually hit the point of sweat today in a 45-minute workout.  Twenty push-ups, eight work-throughs of the form (two squats in each, in the form of Snake creeps down), the two qi gong forms of Eight Pieces of Silk and Five Golden Coins (thirty-two squats, Robert!).  And a 45-minute workout.

Now I know what’s entailed in an hour-long workout. And how to reach that level of performance.  It’s going to be easier from here to hit that goal.

Yesterday I happened to be wearing a short-sleeved shirt after work.  I ran into someone I knew slightly, and they saw my arms. He said, “I didn’t know you were so strong,” and gestured at my arm. I looked down and realized, wow I have biceps. And I’m starting to have arms, generally.

Ok, and you readers know that it’s not like I mean I didn’t have arms yesterday, and today I do. But I hadn’t noticed that I was getting visibly stronger, recently. Mostly I was feeling weak and not very skilled. But the change from “get the form done” to “do a half-hour” is producing results.


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