Tai Chi Y4D18: Run-Through

I have a major project spread all over the floor of my office, and I needed to be at work early-early today. So my tai chi practice consisted of the small working — a tai chi practice in a very narrow space between the mantlepiece of the old, non-working fireplace, and the backside of this major project.  That meant that instead of having six feet from east to west, and nine from north to south, I had about three feet east-west, and seven north-south.  It was nice, and I managed ok.

And then it was get dressed, get coffee, have breakfast and rush to work. If you’re hungry for more on tai chi, though, you can see what day eighteen was like in year one, year two, and year three.  Traditionally, they’re short entries, from the looks of it. I always seem to be rushing off to other things on Day 18.  But it’s still interesting to go back and read the archive.

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