Poetry: Car Repair Spell

I saw a request from someone online, asking for a spell to hold their transmission on their car together. I think the request was more along the lines of “anyone got a spell of summon new Nissan Altima transmission?” Unfortunately such spells affect matter and energy, and not consciousness. Spells that affect consciousness are much more effective than spells that affect matter and energy. But it still does no harm to try.

Accordingly, here’s a spell for repairing a car, or at least making the process of car repair affordable and easily accomplished.

Mercury, of transportation the chief
who keeps runway, rail, and road in their sway:
though a twink mechanic beggars belief,  
hear this petition; my request, obey.   
My car needs a new transmission installed, 
that will keep my vehicle on the road — 
and not at a price so hot it will scald 
me, or drive me and mine from our abode. 
It needs to work at least a year and some, 
and not break me, or my back, or my car,
so I safely go on journeys, and come home 
safe again, whether from near or far. 
By olive oil, lavender, and pear — 
make the way easy, my car to repair.

Burn some lavender incense and then ‘incense-bathe’ or suffumigate both yourself and a handwritten copy of this poem, or wash with lavender soap and dab a little bit of the lavender lather on a corner of the paper. Dress in clean clothes. Go to a place that you think is magical and sacred to Mercury, like a crossroads or the garden of a library or a medical building. Read the poem. Pour out some olive oil so that it can soak into the ground, and leave behind a pear sliced into eight sections.  Burn the paper with the poem.  

Good luck.

Most of all remember that in magic, “first the working, and then the work.”  Doing the spell is easy, but then you have to get the car to the mechanic/auto shop, you have to get an estimate on repairs, and so on.  See it through.

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