Tai Chi Y3D7: Without attachment

Well. That was terrible.

My footwork was bad, even after three times through the form.  My two qi gong routines were sloppy.  My breathwork was not aligned with my footwork, and I wasn’t moving through water, I was just flopping around.  Terrible.

But that’s sort of the point, isn’t it?  I mean, every day can’t be perfect. What’s the point of that? Some days will be better than others, and some weeks will be better than others. I still have serious work to do. Tomorrow will be better than today, and then in a week or two there will be another terrible day, maybe six in a row.

But we can’t have attachment to results.  The goal is to do the work, not to be caught up in whether the work is perfect. If we waited for perfection, the work would never get done — we’d never let ourselves be bad enough to practice to be good enough.

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