Tai Chi Y4D6: Debate Club

Yesterday was the quarterfinals for the state Moot Court competition. My team lost by only a point or two.  We did great, though. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of my students than I was yesterday. They achieved amazing things in their performance last night.

Today’s tai chi was… less than ideal.  I’m getting about six hours of sleep on a regular basis at this point.  I woke up particularly too early today: around 4:15 am.  Yikes.  SO by the time tai chi time rolled around at 5am, I was eager to get started… and eager to be done with it, too. I’d lain awake in bed for 45 minutes, trying to pretend I was going to sleep just a little bit longer. And I hadn’t.

All the same, I feel as though a great weight has lifted from my shoulders. Snow days had brought together into the same week, several different projects that had originally been scheduled separately — moving the design lab furniture, ending year three of tai chi, and debate club’s Moot Court appearance.  Plus, the head of the Wizard of Oz was in there somewhere.

Now, the head is done with, and Moot Court.  We’ve adjusted our lab move-time schedule a bit, so I have a bit more wiggle room on getting the new space set up properly.  And Tai chi is beginning a new year, so that feels a bit easier too.

IF today was a bad practice, that’s ok.  Tomorrow can be better.

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