Tai Chi Y3D318: Brief Entry

I’m home after my retreat and conference.  I spent most of the last couple of days feeling under the weather, if not downright sick: coughing, hacking, wheezing, build-up of gunk in my throat and sinuses.  This evening, I’m more or less back to normal.  My lady thinks I was reacting badly to something in the air at the hotel, which was very hot and dry and stuffy and uncomfortable.  I seem to be mostly better now.

I didn’t get to do tai chi until I got home from the hotel. It was fast, perfunctory, short, uncomplicated, casual.  Not my best practice.  I’m not up for much else at the moment; being mildly ill, and up until all hours of the night, has taken a lot out of me energetically.  I’m ready for a night of sleep.  A GOOD night of sleep.  Here’s hoping I get it.

I’ve already received word that school is cancelled for tomorrow.  The weather looks like it will cooperate this time in keeping up out of school; but we’ll see — we’ve had a couple of times in the last two decades at least when heavy snow was predicted; and we canceled school the night before only to wake to a snowless day. But this looks like a bad time. So, we’ll accept that it’s bad, and stay inside as much as possible.

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