Tai Chi Y3D319: Snowed In. Again.

I’m snowed in again today, and we have another snow day from work.  It’s not to say that I don’t have a lot to do — there’s something about a ghastly weather day that seems to bring up all of the different projects that need doing, up to the forefront of the brain.  But I still got up this morning, did my tai chi and druidry practice, and then went back to bed.  How could I not? It’s snowing and sleeting out, and the roads are covered with layers of ice and rain.

Tai chi practice today was slow and easy, but complicated by a fierce headache.  The water at the hotel was metallic-tasting and weird, and I have a bad headache and body-ache this morning.  It’s subsiding with regular doses of my own water, fortunately.  But it’s amazing how much one’s health and sense of self can be affected by nasty water.  Good coffee will help too, I think.


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