Tai Chi Y3D313: Digging Out

Lat night we got buried in snow, and we spent the morning digging out.  I got in my tai chi about 7:30 this morning, but then spent a good block of time this morning trying to dig the cars out.  Tiring — who needs a gym in winter in New England? You can work up a sweat just moving the frozen water around.  Two or three times recently, I’ve had very positive cardio experiences.  A few weeks ago, I was at a restaurant and discovered I was missing my wallet; the restaurant staff very kindly allowed me to run home and grab my wallet — I ran two blocks there and back, and while I was heaving at the end of it, I was not on the verge of a heart attack; today I shoveled a few hundred cubic feet of snow around, and didn’t pass out.  I credit daily tai chi with helping me do that.

We still have power, heat, and telecom services here; some others aren’t so lucky.  Although the plows have been by, I’ve not heard anything from school yet about tomorrow.  We shall see if things return to normal almost immediately, or if time must pass before we can go back to work.

Today I’m using my time to prep a talk I’m giving on Geomancy at Feast of Lights, the winter convocation of the EarthSpirit Community.  I was hoping that I would have finished the Bardic curriculum of the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn by this time, and I would be able to announce that I was a bard to my workshop attendees. But no such luck — I’ve got another six weeks or so of curriculum still to complete, I’d say.  Oh, well.

My friend C.T. notes, as a much better astrologer than me, that tomorrow through February 20, the planet Venus will be in the sign of Pisces, where it is exalted.  It’s a good time to burn rose incense and pray this or a similar hymn or poem, although for the next few days Venus will be square to Saturn — so not a good time to make Venus talismans, unless you want Saturn’s pruning shears to be clipping off the roses from the bush, so to speak.

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