Tai Chi Y3D310-311: Unexpected Absence

I’m sorry, readers, for the two days I’ve been away.  I went to a family funeral, which involved a drive on Friday, an early start on Saturday in the snowstorm, and then a drive home again today… and for the first time in a long time, I had no wifi with which to make a post; I also have been having phone troubles, and the result has been a serious lack of posting bandwidth.

It was also exhausting, and I’m just coming home to the need to prep for a storm. So my tai chi practice was shortened today, and now I have to go stand in line at the grocery store.

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  1. And it’s definitely the case that we didn’t get as badly thumped as we could have been. There’s a risk the storm will swing back, or that we’ll get more… but for now it’s over.

    • Me, too. And you as well, if you’re within the storm radius (I don’t actually know, which I suppose is standard for the internet). It was an interesting funeral. We sat at our tables in a restaurant, heard a few speeches, gave a toast, and then at lunch. I’d never been to a modern day blot in honor of someone before, where the guests were wearing ties and suits and dresses before. It’s always been viking reconstructionist clothing. This felt far more organic.

    • Uncle Bert was 84. He was a sailor all his life, and an engineer, a 55-year-veteran of Alcoholics Anonymous, and a would-be viking. He died surrounded by family and friends, in his sleep and without pain, the winter after being told he wouldn’t be able to set sail again, in a quiet moment amid the celebration and joy of a family christmas gathering. He went as he would have wished. What else can we ask for?

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