Tai Chi Y3D298: Snow Day

Today I did a full round of qi gong before I did the tai chi form.  First came Five Golden Coins and then Eight Pieces of Silk.  I’ve been heavily stuffed up for most of the weekend, and this seemed like a good way to help break up the snot-machine. I managed to breathe clear by the end of the qi gong session, which ended with the first two positions from The Way of Energy. That’s the good stuff, right there.

My actual practice was great, and I feel like I got a good workout.  I wasn’t exactly sweaty at the end, but I was warm and breathing hard, and I was tingly from the chi flowwhich I find is difficult to get to happen these days.  So now I know how hard I have to work in order to feel the chi flow… it’s ironic, of course, that after two and two-thirds years, that I know the chi is flowing, but that it’s difficult to feel because I’m working to make it flow every day.  It requires much more deliberate effort to get it to flow at a rate where it becomes noticeable and obvious.  And yet, those who are energy-sensitive can feel my chi flow almost immediately.  I can’t sense it myself, but it usually shocks them how strong it is, especially right after a tai chi movement session.  Oh well.

Almost immediately after finishing tai chi, I got the news that today would be a closed due to inclement weather day at school.  The weather where I am is … slightly rainy, slightly icy, but the roads are basically clear and open.  I don’t know what they’re like a few miles south of here, around school; or how they are in the surrounding towns, but it seems surprising that I have the day off.  I plan to do a little sewing with my time, though.

How do you use your snow days?

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