Tai Chi Y3D297: Carmentalia

Today is the Carmentalia: the Feast of the Nine Muses.  I’ll shortly be using this as part of my morning daily practice.  It seems odd to me that a druid revivalist celebrates the muses shortly after doing his tai chi practice for the day, but welcome to syncretism, I guess.

Practice today was short — about twelve minutes through the form.  I didn’t do the standing qi gong pose from The Way of Energy, or either of my moving qi gong poses.  This cold has taken much out of me, even with the Fire Cider doses.  I don’t have much else to say about that; I’m running a workshop on the classic Viking game, Tablut, at my school today, teaching somewhere between eleven and twenty kids how to play the game.  I feel like I need to reserve my energy to do that today.

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