Tai Chi Y3D286: What Fuss?

It’s apropos that John Michael Greer’s year winds down with a column highlighting his predictions of last year, and his predictions for this coming year.  Mine almost wound down with no tai chi at all, but I just completed it upon returning home from seeing INTO THE WOODS (which was good, although many of my theater companions found it puzzling that it didn’t end with a happily ever after. It’s not Sondheim’s style, though — and that’s part of what makes it a story for our times, the lack of happily ever after.)

My tai chi took place in one of the uncrowded parts of the house.  It was short, and limited, and not very good. Which, in many ways, was my experience of 2014 in general along with my tai chi.  May 2015 bring a renewal of my practice and a renewal of my work for the better.

The annual report from WordPress makes for an interesting read about the meta-information of this blog.

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