Tai Chi Y3D285: A Brief Retreat

I’ll be away from computers tomorrow — I’ll be doing tai chi, and there may be an entry, but probably not.  In the meantime, if you’re doing some sort of spiritual work around the day, The Hymn for Janus that I wrote several years ago in 2007 is here.  The Tai Chi Poem and Drawings that has been my largest recent public endeavor is here.

Today’s tai chi occurred from 3:40 am to 4:10 am.  The two qi gong forms were pretty fast, but the tai chi form itself was reasonably slow.  I’m still stuck on representing certain aspects of my practice in drawings, but I feel like I’ve made a little progress on that front.  I did the drawings for two of the movements that gave me trouble yesterday — and destroyed them because they were wrong. So at least I’ve done them once and know they’re not right.  Progress.

Sometimes we have to do something wrong a few times before we know what’s wrong.  I think that’s the case here. I’m going to have to do these drawings a few times incorrectly, before I have a sense of how to do them accurately. That’s been my experience with tai chi all along, too — sometimes we have to go through inaccurate motions for a while before a more correct way appears.

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