Tai Chi Y3D276: Finished another page

I don’t sleep well on Solstices or Equinoxes. image I woke up a little after 3am this morning, and — after lying in bed for a period of time — got up and did tai chi.  Then I went to a mountaintop to sing up the sun with poetry and song at around 5:30 am until 7:00 am, followed by brunch and lazing about until 10:00 am, followed by napping and slow life until around 4:00pm when it was followed by dawdle and delay.

Somewhere in the middle of that progress of nothing for the Solstice, I managed to finish the second half of this page, finishing through Press, Push, and Single Whip into Snake Creeps Down.

And that was my day.  How was your Solstice?

One comment

  1. Good grief! Maybe that’s what happened to me… I was also up at 3am… and with company in the house I had to be quiet, so I did some medical research for a new patient. I suppose that is a blessed time to be working on benefiting others. Wish I had consciously thought of that at the time. Thanks.

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