Tai Chi Y3D270: Late night, early morning

I was coming home last night about 9:30 am when I hit some terrible traffic. There’d been an accident. A car flipped over, caused tremendous challenges, and a six-hour back-up on the highway.  I had left on an hour’s drive home at 9:30… and actually got home and climbed into bed at midnight.

To call this morning a rocky start is an understatement. Despite tai chi, I am not my best self today, nor operating at full capacity.  I dislike driving, even when I’m moving; to manage a stick-shift car in heavy stop-and-go traffic is exhausting.

My heart and prayers go out to the driver and two passengers of the car, and to the others injured, and to those of us inconvenienced in great or small ways.  It’s sad when these things happen, and dismaying.  But life also goes on, and we have work to do.  Back to the labor.

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