Poem: The bear

I was a bear, about to go into hibernation, last night in EarthSpirit’s open Yule celebration this year.  The little kids tucked me in and gave me a teddy bear to go to sleep with, and put me under blankets.  I got to snore my way through the ritual, to add verisimilitude to my performance.  My lady says that I didn’t do the “grumpy when we wake, quite hungry” lines; but I think I did…  anyway.  A lot of fun, and several people insisted it was very cute.  Composed this poem to get in the right headspace to be a slumbering bear, and to recite at my appearance.

I ate a couple of rabbits last week,
then some sticks, some grasses and leaves today.
My cave is ready with the bedding I like:
Pretty soon I’ll sleep the whole winter away.
Down in the darkness and down in the cold,
covered with leaves and nested in the earth.
If you find me asleep, don’t be too bold:
let me keep sleeping, until my rebirth,
for we’re known to be grumpy when we wake,
quite hungry, too, after a three-month nap.
When spring arrives, there will be much at stake
at second thaw, when icicles drip.
I’ll rise and squint at the returning Sun,
and growl. Meantime, I’ll sleep ’til winter’s done.

This is now the second or third time that I’ve done a bear transformation like this.  It’s sort of fun, but a bit of typecasting.

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