Tai Chi Y3D264: 1001 nights

Yeah, after yesterday, you’d use that title too.

It was a good practice today.  I feel that I did well. There’s an odd seam between two floorboards that’s been bothering me during the half-spin. I felt it between my feet today as I turned to do the heel kick.  It feels like the floor under my feet is changing as I do the work, because I’ve been doing it in the same place for quite a long time now.  Maybe it’s an illusion, but I notice it.

I’m behind on drawings.  School has felt like it took a serious ramp-up in the last couple of weeks, since we got back from Thanksgiving break.  The darkness of the house when I come out of school and arrive home is somewhat oppressive this time of year.  More light is needed, and the dark of the year is still a week or two away.

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