Tai Chi, Y3D263: A Thousand Days

Yesterday was lame.  I said that part of the reason was accidie, the noonday demon. It’s hard to decide if any of this matters.  But it’s also partly time. Today is a thousand days.  The mathematics is a little wonky, but hear me out:

  • Year 1 was 366 days.
  • Year 2 was 366 days; that’s 732 days.
  • Year 3 has been 263 days so far; that’s 995 days.
  • There was a miscount (or five) in year 2, where I doubled up on days; that’s 1000 days.

A thousand days.  I feel like I should put on a party hat or something, and run wild in the streets.  I won’t.  Instead of feeling like celebrating, I feel like my practice has become attenuated and thin, stretched out a bit too long.  In a little bit more than 103 days I’ll be ending my third year.

I don’t know what else to say about this.  I had twenty minutes of tai chi practice. It wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great, it was a middle-of-the-road sort of day.  And now, there’s a regular day of work to be had.  That’s the nature of a daily practice, though. Even on a big milestone day, you do your practice and you move on to what comes next.

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    • Well, for what it’s worth, I am simply stunned at the number! I can understand why it might not feel real, it doesn’t sound real. But I aspire to such a number in my own practices. Thanks for the inspiration.

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