Tai Chi Y3D262: This was lame.

Woke up too early this morning, went back to bed, and woke up too late. Didn’t get to tai chi today until about a half hour ago, and felt like my work was lame in comparison to what it could be (or should be).  My kicks, in particular, were bad.  And, by the end of the day, it took a great deal of mustered energy to be able to go into the office and do the tai chi routine even with the little bit that I did.

It’s a reminder that the work is best done in the morning, when you’re fresh, when your mind isn’t yet distracted from the challenges of the day.  By the time I got to my tai chi routine, I was done.  I’m ready for bed, and I don’t want to get my body or mind stirred up or energized — I’m in the mood to slow down and prepare for a long work-week.

The larger question is, why did my practice run off the rails, and very nearly end its streak today? How did I get to this point? Some of it is the urgency of the noonday demon, the accidie that Kathleen Norris wrote about so compellingly (and which Christina recommended).

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