Tai Chi Y3D215: Renewal

Today was the first day in several that I’ve done the full tai chi experience: 20 push-ups, Five Golden Coins, 20 push-ups, Eight Pieces of Silk, 20 push-ups, Tai Chi form, 20 push-ups. This plus druidry, which altogether takes about 45 minutes.  It’s not bad, assuming I get up on time, at 5:00 am.  When I add in a no-dilly-dallying rule about writing the blog post, it’s an hour, probably. (this morning I was hungry, so I made myself a good breakfast too. That was part of it, as well).

I feel good.  It’s taken a while; I’ve basically had some sort of low-grade cold or allergic response to something or other for more than a month. While it’s not completely gone, it’s gone enough that I don’t feel terrible doing my morning practice.

Let’s hope tomorrow is equally easy.

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