Tai Chi Y3D185: Double Punch

I tend to get fuzzy about the names of the movements at this point in the form.  Double Punch, maybe, followed by Left-Hand Push, and then Close? That feels right. It’s also the right number of movements, so I’l finish on Tuesday.

Today is Double Punch:

Step with the right foot, and punch with both hands —
across the body, neither up nor down.
Balance your weight across feet. Shifting sands
lie under them, even when ‘safe’ in town.
Step with the left, and raise left hand to block.
This defending hand should rise from your ribs
to over your head; thus you’ll sweep and lock
a quarter of your core from your foe’s digs.
Balance between feet— and twist at the waist
even as you push off from the right foot.
The ball of the fist must land where it’s faced;
don’t try to shift it much, but from the root
stance, extend as far as your knee and toes—
that’s how far the base strength of your chi goes.

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