Tai Chi Y3D169: Fair Lady Works Shuttles 2

Twenty push-ups today, in three sets.  It turns out that winding up in the right position, with your hands on the floor and the arms correctly stabilized over them, and your shoulder over them, is probably the hardest part about doing push-ups.

The two qi gong forms this morning were fantastic.  I wound up having to do the tai chi form twice — I wasn’t satisfied with my speed, or rather my slowness, during the first run-through.  So I did it again.  I haven’t done that in a while, but it felt good to do so.

Today’s movement is Fair Lady Works the Shuttles 2.  In stage 1 of this movement, I ended by trying to describe the movement from front to back which is the result of a back-to-front turn-around sort of thing after a diagonal step.  I don’t even know how to describe that in words, apparently — I read over that last step, and I think huh???  What about you? Is any of this making sense, o my readers?

Anyway, today’s movement:

You have flipped front to back; now bring the hands
all the way around.  Right palm pushes out
and up, while left palm makes it own demands,
pushing outwards just below. None can flout
the fair lady, as she retreats once more
to carry chi on her hip between palms.
Left foot slides left, in contact with the floor;
weight shifts from right to left. Now your breath calms
and focuses chi in gravity’s heart:
bend the knees and sink into this strength;
turn left toes while the right foot stands apart —
when mass shifts right to left, through that whole length,
let your hands carry that chi from your hip
and push out:  don’t hold it, but let it slip.

mmmmmmeh. Not my best work.  Not bad, but not my best.  Rather like today’s tai chi form was in need of repetition, maybe this is two.  It’s hard to know for sure.  In the meantime, I have to get started with my day.  Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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