Tai Chi Y3D141: Grab the Needle at the Sea Bottom

Completed Tai Chi this morning. Today’s poem has been begun (is that a tense?) but not finished. The movement is Grab Needle from the Sea Bottom, which involves this squatting movement or crunch at the end of Brush Knee With Twist Step 2I feel as though I haven’t adequately explained the movement of Brush Knee in the last poem, but I also don’t know if I should add in another poem here to cover the last divots of movement.  Decisions, decisions. Hmmm.

The begun-poem:

Circle left hand clockwise until it rests
lightly on the wrist of the right hand; then
extend that force and diligently press
your weight through that channel. Be surprised when
your right knee buckles: but let it convey
your thumb and forefinger down to the floor.
Don’t make mistakes: first listen, then obey
how far your mass sinks; go that far, no more
nor drive your body farther than it goes.
Pick up the needle and then smoothly rise:
Allow each muscle to do what it knows,
and a little more.  As dozens of tries
you collect, your muscles will learn this move —
and in time its perfection you will prove.

Not happy with this one. It took too long to write, and it was too challenging to explain  even after a couple dozen repetitions of the movement.  Oh, well.

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