Tai Chi Y3D139: Playing Pipah

First day of 20 push-ups

Today’s movement is Brush Knee with a Twist Step:

Rock back on right foot. Then set the left heel
firmly on the floor so the knee is bent,
and the thigh is flexed, and springy as steel.
Yet carry no weight there; for the intent
is for the left leg to kick if it must.
Set hands to hold the pose, right under left:
each hand is open, not closed in a fist,
and muscles stay soft, so both hands can drift.
Double-check your posture from neck to tail,
and flex the core and thighs to lengthen spine,
for the body becomes a mace, or flail,
when the obliques can twist your center line
either left or right. For now, remain still —
gather in chi for the movements you will.

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