Tai Chi Y3D129: Roll Back

Yep, another attempt at poetry instead of an entry about my tai chi experiences.  I’d expect this to go on for a while — Maybe a month or so.

From this braced posture, the right hand retreats,
but right elbow remains just in its place
The left hand rises too, and it entreats
the opponent as it travels through space
until fingertips graze the bent right arm.
Thus a right angle is ordered — and stands
between the forearms on the right and left:
This is a posture of defensive hands,
for the arms can shift with movement so deft
to deflect the strike.  Once the hands are firm,
weight can shift away from the front right foot;
the left leg can carry the weight a term —
but neither leg should move from where it’s put
Sweep both hands down and sideways to the left,
to guard the flank that in this move’s bereft.

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