Tai Chi Y3D120: Eye contact

During my tai chi practice today, out on the lawn, I made eye contact with a guy getting into his truck to go off to work. We nodded at each other.  It was the eye contact of, “hey, there… I know you live in our building and we never speak to each other, but I’ve seen you before I and I approve of you getting exercise in our common yard.” It’s amazing how much an eye contact can provide, because it was definitely not the eye contact of “what are you doing here? I’ve never seen you before, and I’m going to kick your a** if I find you around here again.”

I like that we were able to establish a good working relationship with just an eye-glance.

The practices themselves were pretty easy. I did ten push-ups before I began; I thought after a few days away on the mountain that they would be tough — instead, I find that I’m probably ready to go up to 20 push-ups. Ten were too easy.  Then I went outside. I did my druidry practice, then the first of the qi gong forms. It was during this form that I made eye contact with a neighbor on his way to work.  Then I did my tree work — this is a part of my druidry I’ve not talked about much, but it involves leaning against a tree for 5-10 minutes at least once a week if not daily.  Then I did the second qi gong form, leading directly into the tai chi form.

All of that was pretty good.  I have to admit, I’ve not been keeping to my efforts to maintain the same slowness this week; but after the difficulty of maintaining that practice during my retreat, while still maintaining a tai chi practice at all, I feel that I can reestablish the tai chi practice at the desired pace fairly easily. At least, I hope I can.

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