Tai Chi Y3D79: Not My Best

Today was not my best effort.  It wasn’t my worst, but it was hardly a paragon of perfection.  Some days are like that. If I include the screw-up in Rectifying the Count, it seems like I’ve put in around 825 days into this practice.  Not half-bad, but there are going to be some duds from time to time.  It’s normal to have that.  From the Archive, Day 79 in year 1, was about entering into Ordinary Time — developing a maintenance routine for tai chi, and sort of expecting that there had been enough core improvements in the work to that point, that no new insights were going to be generated.  Day 79 in year 2 was actually sort of similar —feeling like I’d reached a plateau in my work and nothing big was going to happen for a while.

That’s part of the reason I did 10 push-ups this morning. These were not “good” push-ups. They were terrible. But they were a beginning.  Sometimes we have to challenge ourselves anew in order to push new experiences on ourselves.  I’m thinking about adding push-ups to my workout in the morning, but maybe not.  It’s equally a question of the time I’m already spending on my daily practice, and the question of how I improve my practice (so I have fewer days like today, sort of meh – in between acceptable and good), so that I get better results.


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