Tai chi Y3D62: breathing again

I seem to be over the worst of the snot-factory. Most of what needs to happen now, is the recovery of my throat from six or eight days of coughing my lungs out. The last few nights have been particularly bad — it usually takes a shower at night to wash the allergens off me, or out of me, or something. then, getting vertical in the morning involves a similar bit of production… But finally all of that appears to be be clearing up… And finally, I’m getting back to work on my tai chi practice.

Today, that took the form of a very deliberate qi gong. By the end I was sweating a little. My museum sleepover had raised questions in my mind about the health of my lower back, too, so I did a lie-down-and-deliberately-relax at the end of the two qi gong forms. That went well, actually: the one muscle that appears to be tight at the museum had in fact released over the weekend — lying on the floor was much easier than expected, and I was able to lay my spine on the floor quite thoroughly. This is good.

The tai chi form itself was uneven. The first part went quite well, up through the first snake creeps down. By that point I was sweating and feeling my throat tighten up. I tried to slowdown, but sometimes it’s hard to put on the breaks…. The body wants to go at its own pace. I don’t think I really slowed down until the second snake creeps down, which Iraq a long way after I realized I was going too fast. There’s always tomorrow to get it right.

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