Tai Chi Y3D34: Breathing Practice

Today, I tried very hard to breathe in tune and in synch with the structure of the movements of my qi gong forms and my tai chi form.  Breathe OUT on the expansion, and breathe IN on the contraction — that is, when the body is expanding to a broader or wider stance, breathe out; and breathe in while the body is working toward a narrower or tighter stance.  My own tai chi teacher had us vary this practice from time to time, so that we understood how breathing IN during the expansion helped the body be stronger; but how breathing OUT during the expansion helped create fluidity of movement and gracefulness.  So there’s a double-purpose in trying it both ways, although he allowed that the breath inward during expansion was probably more correct… although ultimately one must take several breaths during any given movement, on both the expansion and contraction, in order to be moving at the correct speed.

The three forms took about half-an-hour to perform.

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