Tai Chi Y3D32: Late Start

I woke up early this morning, but due to extenuating circumstances, I stayed in bed until quite late this morning, and didn’t do tai chi until about 12:20 pm.  You’ll note that I’m writing this entry at just about 2:00pm — which is to say, it was not an ideal practice, nor did I get to structure the time afterwards in order to record impressions of the day’s work.

Yeah, I didn’t get much out of it — too late in the day — and then I let time fritter away afterwards so I don’t know what I should record.

Actually, I do.   It’s becoming apparent that doing tai chi too late in the day, after I’m dressed and showered and more or less ready to begin the serious work of the day, results in poor performance during the tai chi practice.  I was basically dressed and ready to walk out the door when I began today’s tai chi practice, and I did it in a more-than-perfunctory way.  It’s the wrong way to approach the work.  Instead, the habit already established needs to be the standard: do it upon waking in loose and comfortable clothes, and without delay.  Delay results in a less-than-perfect experience, and does not return good results.


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