Tai Chi Y3D26: First Easy Day

I left school early on Thursday, skipping my after-school event and pushing it back to the end of the term.  I’d been dragging all week, and by Thursday afternoon it wasn’t possible to keep going any more.  Yesterday was pretty awful: running nose, tears, gummy eyes, and just feeling cruddy.  Today is a lot better.  I have a persistent cough, but I feel 100% better.  So far, so good.

It was not a particularly challenging tai chi sequence this morning. There was no point in agitating my system too much; it’s plenty agitated already.  Instead, I opted for a gentle cycle through the forms that I do, with no repetitions of any sequence.  Even so, I worked up a bit of a sweat, and developed a bit of a chi flow.  I like it when I can do that in a simple practice, and don’t have to push myself to be hard-core.  The fact that I was able to generate this cycle from a gentle start, though, suggests that even though I feel fine, I’m probably not yet back at 100% healthiness.  These things take time.


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