Tai Chi Y3D25: Sick

I stayed home from work today.  It was hard to get up and do tai chi, harder still to make the call not to go to work.  But hey, when the snot leaves your nose like a sprayed garden hose — that’s a cold, son.

It’s also the health crisis; and once this step passes, things should be all right.

In the meantime, I’m running this odd combination of cold and hot.  I’m cold and chilly and having a hard time staying warm; and I’m experiencing brief (under 10 minutes) flashes of internal warmth.  The tai chi triggered the first of these bouts, and subsequent ones have followed on the small amounts of movement I’ve been doing around the house.

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  1. You got a “stuck pathogen” there, son. Your body is strong enough to keep the pathogen from invading all the way to the core, but not strong enough to throw the invader out entirely. I wish you had an herbalist. You might be able to add a bit of needed strength to your body with the herbs or other remedies I mentioned before. That plus rest.

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