Tai Chi Y3D2: Too good to last

Ok, so, yesterday’s wonderful experience was apparently too good to last.  Today was more typically typical, with druidic work, the two qi gong forms and the tai chi form taking about 45 minutes altogether.  Yesterday I thought I’d crossed some sort of psychic bridge or something, and my tai chi practice was magically taking a hyper-leap forward. Today it’s an extended version of business as usual… maybe ten minutes longer than my typical form, as opposed to 30 minutes longer than usual.

Yesterday does sort of point out where I’m going, though.  When I go back and I read Day 2 from the second year and from the first, I see that Day 2 in the first year was very much about re-learning to work the form.  I don’t remember how long it took me, but half the battle was trying to remember which steps came in what order.  In the second year, I was still struggling with the timing sense I struggle with now, and trying to determine the boundary line between failure and ‘whoops, try again tomorrow.’  That’s been the core struggle of my tai chi practice for two years now.  I imagine it will continue to be the struggle even when I’ve been doing this for five years, if I ever get there.


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