Tai Chi Y2D365: In confined space

I was able to do my two qi gong routines successfully this morning, and my Druidic practice. But I’m going to have to call the tai chi movement a failure.  I had about four square feet in which to operate this morning — for a variety of reasons, every room in the house is crowded with stuff at the moment.  I’m going to do the tai chi form again later, but I discovered that there is a limit to how small an area I need to work the tai chi form successfully.  It looks like it’s about nine square feet; the current floor surface available is simply too small.  At the same time, I feel like I want to comment on the work so far, because allegedly it’s a sort of milestone.

That said, the qi gong routines were excellent this morning.  In both of them, the feet remain planted. So two feet or so across is enough space to plant the feet and enter horse stance. From there, nearly all the movements are above the waistline, pulling forward and back, across the body, and up and down.

Today is day 365. Thanks to the rectification, I know that I’m actually well past Day 365.  And I tend to count a year and a day, anyway.  Here’s day 365 from last year, and the two Days 181 — the halfway point of year one, and the halfway point of year two. Do you know… I can’t remember whose wedding we were at, at the halfway point of my first year? I don’t think it was my friends D&G… their wedding was in October, I believe.  The alchemical reactions being similar to tai chi, though — I still feel that’s true.  Wholly interdependent? Yes, still true.  A bit of a let-down? Yes. Still true.

I think I’ll need to do the tai chi form again sometime today.  It doesn’t really feel like I’ve finished yet.  But more and more tai chi feels like a daily prayer: a prayer for flexibility, for balance, for dignity, for peace, for prayerfulness, for grace, for good will.  Whether the practice is good or not on a given day, I feel as though I have many more good days now than bad ones, and many more balanced days than unbalanced ones.  There are still challenges, still difficulties.  But this body is better able to meet those challenges, and to try again.

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