Tai Chi Y2D360: Crappy Practice

As I told Mike this morning, who praised me for my ability to keep going despite all the things going on, I don’t feel my practice has been particularly admirable these last few days.

 It’s been little more than getting it done.  And this morning was no different.  I got up.  I wandered around the house looking for something for school that I was certain I’d be able put put my hands on in three minutes or less.  Then it was only going to take another five minutes of searching. Then it was only going to take another ten minutes of searching.  It was only after about twenty-five minutes of looking that I was able to put aside the search, and stop looking for something that wasn’t there.  Augh!

Then I realized that the clocks in the house were wrong. I was fortunate because I’d set the alarm on my phone to wake me at my parents’ house. But instead of doing tai chi, I was distracted by the reality that the clocks were showing 4:30 instead of 5:30. So I had to go around the house changing clocks.

Finally got started on tai chi. Terrible practice. Not really focused or on task at all.  Got it done, and that’s about it.

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