Tai Chi Y2D359: Returning Home

Today began quite suddenly and rapidly when I woke in my parents’ house to hear my father in pain.  Last week he had his rotator cuff repaired; the resulting surgery is expected to keep him relatively chair-bound and shoulder-slung for several months. In spite of this, he slept in the bed last night — this turned out to be a bad choice and caused him significant discomfort and even pain.  So my morning began, not with tai chi, but with looking out for dad and helping him re-attach this harness to support his arm, attach an (astonishing) system to his shoulder to bathe his shoulder in cold water, and otherwise care for him and his health.

In any case, the tai chi today had to wait until I was in my own home, this evening.  It went ok, but — it’s always better at the start of the day.  It’s never as good in the late afternoon or evening as in the morning; in the morning it helps my day flow more smoothly, and in the evening, it merely aids in my sense of the completion of the day, rather than opening up my capacities for the day.

Of course, any prayers and good wishes for my father’s recovery and good health in the coming months are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Me too, I admire you diligence and perseverance. It’s an inspiration to me and very helpful. I also wish and pray for the best for your dad for swift and complete healing. Were I an astrologer, I would be studying the complex of influences right now in order to hide under the bed the next time it happens! Everyone I know is touched by a medical challenge for themselves or their family right now.

  2. Andrew-
    I’ve really admired how you’ve managed to juggle everything you’re dealing with right now and have maintained your practice. I wish for speedy relief from pain for your dad – I’m sure having you there is helping him.

    • Dear Mike,

      Thanks for the good wishes. I don’t feel my practice has been admirable of late, but sometimes just getting it done is maybe enough.

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